Homemade Art

So I finally got round to doing a little crafty project for our bedroom.  I have seen this on Pinterest and thought it was such a simple but effective idea.

To display in a frame all the locations of places that my husband and I have been to over the years, places that have special meanings or memories for us.

I bought a frame from The Range (this particular one was less than £5!)


Then print off from the internet maps showing where we have been on holiday, so the ones I chose were Las Vegas, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Tenerife, Barcelona, San Francisco and Paris.

Here is the finished article!

2015-01-28 15.55.08

So for less than £5 and about 30 minutes of my time produces something unique and personalised.  More posts on my crafty projects to come.

Maybe you should try it!

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