Lounge mood board

Our next DIY project is going to be a major overhaul of our lounge, its the final room to be done in the house and it will be amazing when its finished (hopefully). So for the past 3 years (since we first moved into our house) I have been dreaming of all the things that will go in our lounge, the colours we will use, accessories etc. but I haven’t yet put them down on paper, all my ideas are still just in my head. So I thought I would share these with you.

I want the overall colour scheme to be very neutral i.e. pale grey and white, so that I can use (and I hate this phrase but I’m going to use it) ‘pops’ of colour to lift the room. The rest of our house is very neutral with creams, mushroom and oak wood, so I wanted to inject a bit of colour in this scheme. The good thing about choosing grey is that you can put practically any colour with it, almost think of the grey as the backdrop to the other colours you want to stand out.

Grey is such a versatile colour, it allows you to add any type of bright colour or style, to me its the perfect backdrop.
And of course some of my favourite accessories all from H&M Home as I’m loving their range at the moment, lots of different, original designs and reasonably priced too!

Metal tray

metal tray H&M
So just a few ideas to start with, there is a lot of work to do before I get to the ‘adding the accessories’ stage, and I will be posting progress blogs on here soon. Let me know what you think of my ideas, or if you have any alternatives you think I should consider!

My month in pictures – April

Now that spring is definitely here my month in pictures is filled with all things pretty and sunny-ish.

Spring isn’t spring without some daffs!
Easter cake
A cute little cake that my daughter made, it didn’t last long after this photo was taken.
The beautiful magnolia tree in my parent’s garden.
Highcliffe Castle
Highcliffe castle
Woodland walk
A lovely woodland walk at Highcliffe castle.
Starter, food
My starter! Although I was sharing it with my friend…yum!