Tips for bloggers

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It’s a common problem that I am sure all bloggers encounter…………….knowing what to blog about. I along with many others often hit writers block. What shall I write about? Have I covered this before? Will people find it interesting?

Here are some tips on how to be the most organised blogger you can be whilst also having constant fresh and new ideas.

1. Get organised – having a plan will always help, as I often worry about what my next post is going to be about I plan ahead. I have a weekly planner and write on specific dates the blog post I am going to upload. It takes the pressure off if you schedule ahead with your ideas. I use a planner printed from a brilliant page called Scattered Squirrel, there are lots of different planners on the site, daily, weekly, monthly etc.

I also love this weekly planner from SkandiDesign on etsy, it has enough space on each page to add more than one item for each entry on each day (plus it looks really pretty too). This is perfect to carry around with me for when I get a sudden rush of inspiration or ideas.

weekly planner

2. Time management – there are many bloggers out there (me included) who don’t blog as their full-time job, we have other aspects of our life that we have to ft it around, work, college, family. So plan your time. Set a reminder or record in a diary/planner to set aside 30 minutes or an hour a day to spend time on your blog, before I did this I always felt like time was running away with me and I wasn’t achieving anything, I also write my blogs ahead of their posting date, that way I don’t feel like I am chained to the pc having to write everyday. I often write 2 or 3 blogs in one go and then schedule them in.

3. Read other blogs – now this isn’t copying, its getting inspiration. Follow lots of blogs too that are similar to yours. Not only do you get inspired but you can also make potential blogger friends, other bloggers are often happy to share ideas and experiences and maybe even mention you or link to your own blog if they feel its relevant. I follow a lot of blogs through Bloglovin’, it sends you daily updates on the latest posts by blogs you follow, kind of like all your favourite blogs in one place.

4. Enjoy blogging!! – I always say nothing is ever worth doing in life unless you really enjoy it. It should never feel like a chore, the more you enjoy something the better you will be at it. If it helps to have some nice items to use when blogging then why not stock up on some beautiful new stationery or make sure that when you sit down to blog you have your favourite snack to munch or have some music playing in the background, anything that will help you to feel relaxed and enjoy your time while you are working away.

5. Keep it seasonal – it goes without saying that you wouldn’t blog about your homemade Christmas cake in the middle of summer or do a piece on winter clothes in spring. Depending on the time of year people’s interests can be heavily influenced by the seasons. Now we are in September and the kids are back at school thoughts are turning towards halloween, bonfire night, snuggling in front of the fire, autumnal fashion and hearty food such as nourishing stews and hot cups of tea with slices of cake.

6. Keep it visual – Now as everyone knows the secret to a good blog is quality content, but I also think images make a blog. I would never want to read a blog post unless it had at least one image in it, it helps to tie it all together. If you are using images from other sites always make sure you reference them in your post and add a link from the original source of that image or get their permission to use it.

I hope you have found these tips useful, I would love to hear if you have any tips on blogging and your experiences along the way.

L xx


Autumn Wish List

As much as I love summer I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that it is now officially Autumn. Time to get the winter clothes out, long sleeved tops, scarves, and boots.

I love the colours of Autumn, so this also requires changing my nail polish shades too. Plum is my go to shade at the moment, such a rich and warm colour.

Here are some picks of my favourite nail polishes in this shade:

Max Factor Intense Plum – £4.99 – Superdrug

Essie Bahama Mama – £7.99 – Boots

Barry M Plum – £3.99

And here is my wish list for this season, some staple items for my wardrobe are needed this year.

Autumn Collage

Fringe cardigan – Next, £38

Camilla check blanket scarf – Accessorize, £19

Green jeggings – H&M, £12.99

Semi precious stone necklace – Accessorize, £8

Suede ankle books – Marks & Spencer, £55

Shoulder bag – H&M, £12.99

I hope you feel inspired by some of my choices, lets embrace this slightly chillier weather and get out there in our Autumnal shades!

Links I Love

So I haven’t done a post about this before but I read a lot of blogs featuring favourite links and find them really useful. They help me discover websites and blogs I could never have found on my own. So here are a few I would recommend. This is going to be a bit of a mix but hopefully you will like them!


picmonkey logo

This site is an online image editor, I have used this site a lot and best of all its free! You can apply different effects, fonts or designs as well as creating collages of photos.



Gadgets aren’t just for guys, us girlies like them too. This website brings you all the best the tech world can offer that especially appeal to women. It includes latest news, reviews and video round-ups.

A Thrifty Mrs

a thrifty ms logo

I absolutely love this site, the clue is in the title, a blog all about bargains, getting a good deal and useful tips. It covers thrifty tips for the home, fashion and anything else in between.

I Covet Thee

I covet thee

A beauty blog written by Alix, she is refreshingly honest about all the products she reviews, coupled with a blog full of beautiful photographs this is one beauty blog not to miss.

I Heart Cosmetics


I like this blog because its written by a lady called Sarah who has a full-time job but writes her blog in her spare time, I admire bloggers who can manage this as this is something I can relate to. The blog is full of cosmetics reviews as well as beautiful pictures of her travels around the world, very inspiring!

Roses and Rolltops

roses and rolltops

Written by Rebecca, a blog full of interior inspiration, floral love, weddings, travel, baking, sunshine and her adorable cockapoo puppy. Always a pleasure to read her posts, very uplifting and always demonstrates how she appreciates the simple things in life.

Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad

I follow this blog because I have been a fan of Lauren Conrad since her days on the hit MTV show The Hills. This blog’s main focus is fashion, but also covers health and fitness, interiors and a bit of crafting thrown in too. A beautifully styled site which will help anyone escape to the fabulous world of a twenty-something girl in LA.

The Sunday Chapter

sunday chapter

A brilliant all-rounder blog, fantastic photography helps to transport you to sections covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, diy, shopping, travel and food. Very easy to navigate through and always has something to catch your eye.

What are your favourite blogs/sites? I’m always on the hunt for new, inspiring and different blogs so let me know what you are reading and following right now.