20 facts about me

20 facts

Now this is something I love reading on other blogs, it gives a light-hearted insight into someone so here goes, 20 random facts about moi!

1. I’m a bit of a petrol head – ever since I was a girl I have been into cars, new and old, maybe because I was brought up in a family of car lovers, I can identify any car on the road by model and name, I can even work out what car it is just by looking at the wheels alone!

2. I’m a fairly close relative to Chris Martin from Cold Play (blood relation not just through marriage)……..true……honest!

3. I have a double jointed thumb.

4. As a girl I had a pet tortoise called Fred.

5. My TV guilty pleasures are The Only Way is Essex, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Housewives of……series.

6. I am petrified of moths and cockroaches, even typing the words is making my skin crawl.

7. I have been in the audience at a Big Brother live eviction, I even took a banner with me which Davina McCall saw and pointed and laughed at.

8. I have a bucket list and have managed to achieve some of them, so far I have swam with dolphins, flew over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and took part in a fun run for charity (have done 2 so far), but I still have plenty to tick off!

9. One day I would love to own a VW camper van.

10. My husband and I completely renovated our last house, it was a Victorian property and we did everything ourselves apart from the things we couldn’t do such as treat it for woodworm and fit a new boiler. Blood, sweat and tears went into that place and my husband and I are very proud of what we achieved.

11. I have been writing a book for many years, its something I love to do but don’t always get the time I need to spend on it.

12. I have a 3 year old daughter who is the light of my life.

13. I love anything to do with interior design, its one of my main passions in life, I have a diploma in it too!

14. My favourite flower is the sweet pea, the scent is amazing and I love how delicate they look.

15. I have driven a 50 seater coach (it was part of a driving experience day and it was amazing).

16. I have a phobia of nail files, I cannot bear to touch the rough side of it and the thought of filing my nails is like torture to me.

17. My favourite film is ‘Rear Window’ starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

18. My perfect dinner guest would be either Tom Hanks or Audrey Hepburn.

19. I have twin brothers, but they are not identical, actually they couldn’t be more different both in looks and personality.

20. My perfect day – well actually I have 2, spending it with my husband and daughter of course, but if on my own then I can happily read a book and drink tea, the simple things in life.

Well I hope that gave you a little insight in me!




My Etsy wish list

Ok so I have to confess I have a rather significant birthday coming up and people are already asking me what I would like as a gift, along with the fact that Christmas is approaching faster than I would like its time to start doing the all-important online research for present ideas. Now I like to opt for items that are slightly unusual or just a bit different and Etsy is always the perfect place for that. So here are some fab finds, I hope you like them too!


Personal Planner – I like to be organised and I am loving anything stripey or mint at the moment so this is just perfect!

Cork bag

Cork Bag – I need a new shoulder bag that’s big enough to fit all my clobber in, I love this eco-friendly bag, its made from Harris Tweed Wool and genuine cork.

gold foil print

Gold foil print – I’ve recently finished decorating my lounge and it now needs some pictures on the walls, gold lettering on items is very popular right now and adds a touch a glamour to any room.


Vintage Brass Pineapple – I don’t have any need whatsoever for it but I love it, a bit of retro and a bit of glam!


Gold and turquoise bracelet – I don’t own any bangle bracelets, the colour of the turquoise against the gold really stands out on this bangle.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the fantastic items you can find on Etsy, maybe a good place to do some Christmas shopping for that extra special or unusual gift.

L xx

Dry Shampoo Review

dry shampoo

As you know I have just come back from 2 weeks in the sun and one of my most used products on holiday is dry shampoo.

I like to use it during the day as I like to wait until the evening to wash my hair for when I go out. I have tried the most popular make Batiste but have always found it to produce a lot of white powder in my hair, now this is usual for dry shampoo products but I wanted to find one that wasn’t quite so bad so this year I thought I would try another brand.

This particular brand of dry shampoo is by the make ‘Girlz Only Haircare’ and I have to say I was quite impressed. It didn’t produce as much white residue in the hair and was very easy to massage in once applied. What I also particularly liked about this product was the smell, it was gorgeous but not too overpowering.

I purchased mine from Tesco and they are currently selling a 150ml can for only £1.50

I will continue to use it as I have got into the terrible habit of washing my hair every day and this can be very damaging for your hair, I want to try to wash it every other day and with the help of this dry shampoo hopefully I will be brave enough to leave the house knowing it doesn’t look too greasy!

Have you ever used dry shampoo, and if so which brands would you recommend?

L x

Best buys – George, Asda – Autumn Interiors

Now that Autumn is finally here its time to get your lounge looking cosy and warm ready for those dark winter evenings in front of the fire watching TV.

George at Asda have some fabulous home ware items at really affordable prices. A quick and easy way to switch your room style by the season is to change over some key items. Hopefully my favourite finds below might inspire you.


Lamp – George, Asda – £35.00


White/Brown faux fur throw – George, Asda – £25.00


Red/check cushion – George, Asda – £8.00

Stag head

Stag head ornamemt – George, Asda – £12.00


Wooden lantern – George, Asda – £15.00

So a quick and easy way to change the style of your room to match the season. Don’t forget to add that extra cosy feeling light lots of candles and get the fire on……now where’s my cup of hot chocolate!

Holiday time!

2015-09-21 15.26.57

So we’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Tenerife and its even better that we come back to such lovely warm weather.

Tenerife is a bit of a favourite of ours mainly because of the guaranteed year-round sunshine, and because we know the area we stay in so well. We know the best places to eat out, (and where to avoid) and most importantly the best things to do to keep a 3 year old amused. Our holiday wasn’t without its dramas, my husband ended up in hospital with acute appendicitis.  All I can say is thank goodness for holiday insurance.

The holiday was also a good chance to eat lots of fresh healthy food, breakfast was always outside on the terrace and there was a fabulous supermarket nearby that stocked plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ok, so we did indulge in the odd ice cream, but hey we were on holiday!

2015-09-13 13.08.54

I always feel very inspired and motivated on holiday, I think its because I am away from the busy day to day life at home, it helps you to clear your mind. Its nice to go away but its equally nice to come home. I have all sorts of plans and ideas (and blog posts) that I want to get on to now I’m back.

I will of course miss the warm weather and watching the sunset each evening, but I also love Autumn, I can’t wait to see the trees start to turn their multi colour hues of orange, brown and red and of course get my snuggly Autumn clothes out!

2015-09-20 20.27.32

Happy October everyone!

L x