My dream reading space

So most people cannot deny one of the most relaxing things to do is find a quiet corner and read a real page turner of a book. Whatever the time of year reading is just the perfect past-time, whether it is in the winter and you want to curl up under a blanket feeling cosy or in the summer sat in the garden or by the pool. But what helps to make that reading experience even more enjoyable?

Well surrounding yourself with the right ‘tools for the job’. First up, and most importantly, a comfy chair, personally I prefer mine to be as soft as possible and with a cushion or two. How about this gorgeous sectional sofa from

Arhaus have an extensive range of sectional sofas, these types of sofas are fantastic as they can be flexible and adapt to most room shapes and sizes. More and more people are now looking for more choice when it comes to the types of sofa they want for their room. Sectional sofas have become so popular now and most stores now stock a good range of choices, go check out the full range at Arhaus here.


Sectional sofa

Next up, setting the scene. Now I am going to enter my perfect world now. I’m a bit of a Disney and Harry Potter fan so to have your very own library would be out of this world right? How about these for some inspiration…………

harry potter



Cosy reading nook


Blue velvet scheme

Now the finishing touches for your library/reading corner. Lighting is key in a room like this so here are some of my favourite choices.

light 1

Brushed brass tiered pendant

This beautiful tiered pendant lamp has the perfect look for any reading space or library, Arhaus currently have a fabulous range of pendant lighting to choose from, check them out here.

You would also need some table lamps to give you that extra light you need as well as helping to create the right atmosphere and look to the room.

light 2

Table lamp

And of course you would need somewhere to store all your books. Shelving can really transform a room and if you are limited on space shelving can really maximize the area you have to work with. How about the ultimate in library style shelving, this fabulous modular bookcase with its very own ladder!


Modular bookcase

So whatever your size and shape of room, if you are lucky enough to devote a part of your home to just reading and storing your books then some of these pieces will hopefully inspire you to create your dream reading area/library.

And because I have a slight obsession with libraries here is a link to my Pinterest board devoted entirely to them Lovely Libraries

I hope this post has inspired you, what kind of items would you use in your ultimate library?

Mint and Molly xx





Review – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Happy New Year to you all!

I have been so impressed by one of the presents I received for Christmas that I thought I would write a review on it.

I have been toying with the idea of getting a digital radio to go in the kitchen for a while now so thought I would put it on my Christmas list. But what I got instead was a portable speaker.

2016-01-08 12.24.10

It connects to any device that has bluetooth, so that includes my phone and tablet. It also comes with the leads to let you charge it and a lead to plug into a usb port.

Firstly, its very easy to use, switch it on and select what you want to listen to on your device and off you go, its that simple. I often listen to Spotify, but you can also listen to any radio station you can find on the internet. So essentially it is a DAB radio with the added benefit of bluetooth.

2016-01-08 12.24.49

Its very sleek in design and because you don’t need it plugged into anything I can put it wherever I like in the house. And the best thing about it is the sound quality, it has a built in sub-woofer so it really packs a punch of basey sound. It is superb and on some reviews I have read for this particular product it rivals the quality of similar devices such as Bose, and this is a lot cheaper! Now because it was a present I do not know where ‘Father Christmas’ got it from, however, you can purchase it from the following places for between £45 and £60;


I can honestly say I have used this every day so far since Christmas, I love it, so if you are looking for a music device with excellent sound quality, simple to use, reasonably priced and that allows you to listen to any radio station or music app then this is the toy for you!

I would love to know if anyone else has one of these and what they think of it, or if you have something similar.

OK, techie hat off now, signing out!

L xx

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara Review

As its now party season I will be reviewing various products that become particularly popular at this time of year. Basically all beauty products come into their own at party time…………..or do they? I will be reviewing some key products in the lead up to Christmas, first up mascara.

Now I have very pale eyelashes, if I don’t have any mascara on I look like I literally don’t have any eyelashes so I need something with a little more umph to help define them. I have used a mascara by Soap & Glory before and loved it, so I thought I would try their new high definition collagen version.


I have used it twice now and think its the best mascara I have ever used so far, it not only helps define and boost the look and thickness of my eyelashes (probably due to the collagen in it) but it also helps to add a little curl to them too.

You can buy it direct from Soap and Glory’s website for £10.50 or for the same price its also available in Boots (which means you can earn your Advantage points when you purchase it). I think just over £10 is a fair price for a high quality product that certainly delivers on what it says on the packaging.

I’d love to know what mascaras you use and what you would recommend!

L xx


Dry Shampoo Review

dry shampoo

As you know I have just come back from 2 weeks in the sun and one of my most used products on holiday is dry shampoo.

I like to use it during the day as I like to wait until the evening to wash my hair for when I go out. I have tried the most popular make Batiste but have always found it to produce a lot of white powder in my hair, now this is usual for dry shampoo products but I wanted to find one that wasn’t quite so bad so this year I thought I would try another brand.

This particular brand of dry shampoo is by the make ‘Girlz Only Haircare’ and I have to say I was quite impressed. It didn’t produce as much white residue in the hair and was very easy to massage in once applied. What I also particularly liked about this product was the smell, it was gorgeous but not too overpowering.

I purchased mine from Tesco and they are currently selling a 150ml can for only £1.50

I will continue to use it as I have got into the terrible habit of washing my hair every day and this can be very damaging for your hair, I want to try to wash it every other day and with the help of this dry shampoo hopefully I will be brave enough to leave the house knowing it doesn’t look too greasy!

Have you ever used dry shampoo, and if so which brands would you recommend?

L x

Self tan time!

Ok I have finally given in, its time to start thinking about making my milk bottle legs (and other pale bits of me that will be on show) ready for the summer. I have used self tan before but found it quite tricky to use, can be patchy and streaky, so for the past couple of years I have been using moisturising lotion that has self tan in it. I have very pale skin so find it a little more subtle and I don’t tend to get streaks or patches.

My self tan item of choice for this summer is Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion by Dove.

2015-05-30 08.44.50

I can honestly say that so far its coming out tops, it has a lovely scent, doesn’t seem to streak or be patchy and a little seems to go a long way!

Another plus to this is its currently half price in Tesco, reduced from £5.00 to £2.50, click here for the offer. The last self tan I used was very expensive, I thought by paying lots for something then the product would be the best but over the last couple of years I have bought cheaper self tans and I can honestly say they do just as good (if not better a job) than the fancy expensive ones.

So if you are currently using a self tan I’d love to know which brand and what you think as its always good to compare.

I might even be brave enough in a few weeks and post some before and after pics too!

Products I’m loving

I always think its brilliant when I buy a product and it actually does what it says on the tin (which isn’t always the case) so my latest excellent find is some hair conditioner by Garnier. At the moment it seems to be on offer in quite a few supermarkets, I only paid £1.94 for it and its a 400ml bottle.


First off you don’t need to use lots of it, secondly……I love the smell, its fresh but not too overpowering. And once I have dried and styled my hair I can really see the difference, its much more shiny than it usually is and it has far less tangles when I am combing it. I find any moisturising product that has some kind of ‘butter’ in it seems to be the best as it seems to last a long time rather than just disappear into your skin or hair.

I’d love to know if you have any particular favourite beauty finds at the moment.

Review of the month – December 2014

My birthday!

I won’t reveal how old I was as a lady never tells (plus age is just a number!) My birthday wasn’t overly different to any other day as I had to go to work but I did get some lovely presents including my gorgeous Olivia Burton watch, my birthday evening consisted of snuggling in front of the fire with hubby and a Chinese takeaway…….bliss!


Christmas cards

Christmas was approaching so time to get organised, present buying and wrapping, decorations and tree up and of course writing out Christmas cards to send. My favourite Christmas card that we received this year was from my parents as it was a very unique card. The picture on the front was painted by my Dad, he has always loved painting and for the past couple of years they have sent out these beautiful cards. My Dad’s workshop is full of his paintings now, I keep telling him he should try and sell some of them so that they can be enjoyed by other people rather than just being stacked up in his workroom collecting dust. Maybe I will start to feature some on my blog this year and if anyone is interested in purchasing one let me know!

Xmas card

Work Christmas party

This year’s party was amazing, the company very kindly took us all up to Battersea to a masquerade ball. The venue was gorgeous and something I had never been to before. Definitely something to remember.

Xmas party

Gingerbread House

This year is the first time I have decorated a gingerbread house. Now that my daughter is a little older she happily volunteered to help me. So on Christmas eve after we had been to the local church to watch the choir sing my daughter and I (and hubby) set about decorating the house, and looking at the picture we didn’t do a bad job. Maybe next Christmas I might be brave enough to make one from scratch!

Gingerbread House

So thats my December, overall a lovely month especially as its host to my birthday and Christmas. Before we know it it will be December 2015!