Holiday time!

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So we’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Tenerife and its even better that we come back to such lovely warm weather.

Tenerife is a bit of a favourite of ours mainly because of the guaranteed year-round sunshine, and because we know the area we stay in so well. We know the best places to eat out, (and where to avoid) and most importantly the best things to do to keep a 3 year old amused. Our holiday wasn’t without its dramas, my husband ended up in hospital with acute appendicitis.  All I can say is thank goodness for holiday insurance.

The holiday was also a good chance to eat lots of fresh healthy food, breakfast was always outside on the terrace and there was a fabulous supermarket nearby that stocked plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ok, so we did indulge in the odd ice cream, but hey we were on holiday!

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I always feel very inspired and motivated on holiday, I think its because I am away from the busy day to day life at home, it helps you to clear your mind. Its nice to go away but its equally nice to come home. I have all sorts of plans and ideas (and blog posts) that I want to get on to now I’m back.

I will of course miss the warm weather and watching the sunset each evening, but I also love Autumn, I can’t wait to see the trees start to turn their multi colour hues of orange, brown and red and of course get my snuggly Autumn clothes out!

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Happy October everyone!

L x


Holiday time – Bigbury on Sea, Devon

Its been a while since my last post as I have spent the past week on the south coast of Devon, Bigbury on Sea to be precise. Its a place I have been to before, during one of my childhood family holidays we spent the day on the beach in Bigbury and it truly is a magical place. There is a small island just across the water from Bigbury called Burgh Island. It is home to the Burgh Island hotel, a beautiful Art Deco building which is equally Art Deco inside.

When the tide is out you can walk across to the island but there is also a tractor that can take you across when the tide is in.

The island has a history of pirates and smuggling and Agatha Christie spent time at Burgh Island writing some of her famous novels. Other famous people known to have stayed there are the Beatles, Noel Coward and Sir Winston Churchill.

2015-05-15 10.25.23

2015-05-15 10.04.49

There are some fantastic places to visit nearby, thankfully the weather was kind to us so we were able to get out and about everyday in the glorious sunshine. We visited Pennywell farm and it was probably one of the best children’s orientated farms I have been to, really well thought out with a variety of animals from goats, horses, ferrets, tortoises and even pig racing!!

2015-05-12 14.36.21

Bigbury has some fantastic coastline and is very popular with surfers and there is plenty of holiday accommodation to stay in just a few minutes walk from the beach. We stayed in a bungalow which had amazing sea views, but there is also a caravan park, and modern, contemporary apartments to stay in too, so this would suit any size of party and budget. We booked our holiday through Toad Hall Cottages and they were fantastic.

2015-05-11 12.19.28

So if you fancy a holiday by the beach that has something a little different to offer by the way of a lovely little island to hop over to then why not try Bigbury on Sea, I’d certainly recommend it!


Its that time of year again, Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away and we are now being bombarded by holiday adverts on TV or pictures in the press of celebrities enjoying their festive breaks in some exotic location.

So where to go? well it all depends on a lot of things, do you want to go somewhere new? stick to what you know and is familiar and go to somewhere you have been before, what is the budget? who is going? depending on who is going can make a huge difference to the destination.

We haven’t yet decided where we are going this year, but I thought I would share with you some memories of some of my favourite holidays starting off with our honeymoon in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Sri Lanka
We spent an exciting week touring round the south of Sri Lanka and it truly is a beautiful place, the people there are the loveliest I have ever come across on holiday and learning about their culture and way of life was really fascinating. From swimming in a hotel pool surrounded by tress full of small monkeys to visiting sacred temples and the tea factories it was like something from a film set. Here are just some of the images from that week.


        IMGP1230              IMGP1227

The Maldives

The second part of our honeymoon we spent in the Maldives, a lovely island called Meeru. For the entire time we were there it felt like we were on the island with only handful of other guests it was so peaceful. We didn’t need to wear anything on our feet as literally everywhere there was sand, in the restaurant and the reception area. We had a water bungalow which was just magical, the view from the bedroom was looking out to sea, you could never tire of the view. I remember saying to myself while I was there to make every minute of it as I may not get to go there ever again, it was definitely paradise and exactly how it looked in the brochure, even better! After our week of touring round Sri Lanka this was a chance to relax and do nothing, oh apart from sunbathing, snorkelling, swimming and kayaking round the island…….. My favourite part of that week was after dinner we would sit on our verander and switch the light on that was underneath the steps that led into the sea, the light would attract all sorts of fish and stingrays, it was so relaxing.


           IMGP1415               IMGP1288

Las Vegas

This was somewhere else on my list of places to go, we went in April but typically the weather was actually quite cold (we must have brought the UK climate with us!) but that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time. We stayed in a hotel on the strip so that we were right amongst all the action. It was mind blowing just how many hotels there are and how big they are. While we were there we took a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. Our destination was a little ranch in the desert where we took a horse back ride. I can see why the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the world, flying over it you almost can’t quite believe just how big it is. I must admit although I really enjoyed Las Vegas you probably wouldn’t want to go for more than a week, there is only so much gambling you can do…….


         IMGP2219                     IMGP2233

San Francisco

After our week in Las Vegas we headed over to San Francisco, a city I fell in love with. I have never wanted to live abroad but if I had to San Francisco would probably be the place I would choose. There was a English feel to it, probably due to the gorgeous Victorian style houses they have there. Again lots to see there including Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and just wandering around the lovely streets soaking up the atmosphere.

      IMGP2464                      IMGP2422

                    IMGP2463                          IMGP2461

So whether its a paradise holiday in the Maldives or a week somewhere in the UK any holiday can be special because of the memories it creates and the people you create those memories with.